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1500m PBs at Nuneaton open meet

  • Posted July 06, 2021

1500m PBs at Nuneaton open meet

Marcus Lovell, Mintu Sidhu, Harry Ward and Sophie Jacobs raced the 1500 metres at Nuneaton open meet on Sunday 4 July.

Here’s Marcus’s race report:

‘It felt great to be back on the start line again after such a long time. I was just looking forward to finally partaking in an actual race again. Overall, the race was successful: I took around 8 seconds off my 1500m PB, which is great. However, from the gun, I immediately got boxed in on the inside and had to check my run multiple times due to the pace at the front being much slower than I wanted. We went through the first 400 in 72 seconds. After that, I took to the front and injected the pace as that was way off what I was hoping for. After a couple of laps at the front with a better pace, I started struggling with 300 metres to go, but held on – and thankfully rescued what could have been a completely wasted race.’

Times were as follows:

Marcus 4:14.67
Harry 4:20.25 – just outside his PB
Mintu 4:28.80
Sophie 4:47.24 – a new PB!

Well done to all athletes!