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Great Start to Chiltern League Overall Leaders in Division 2

  • Posted October 15, 2017

Great Start to Chiltern League Overall Leaders in Division 2

Well, MKDP have had the best start in the Chiltern League XC. The results are in, and we are top of Division 2!!

If you visit the official Chiltern League website you can see the results: http://www.chilternccl.co.uk/results.htm 

Here are Division 2 MKDP individual results:

Senior Men - 2nd Alex Gruen, 3rd Charles Wheeler, 4th Alfred Yabsley, 5th George Wheeler, 26th Michael Greener, 42nd Lee Adams,

46th Eliot Winter, 60th Paul Wright, 78th Liam White, 86th Paul Erwood

Team result: 2nd. 136 finished

U17 Men - 1st James Dowsett, 5th Mintu Sidhu, 6th Marcus Lovell, 13th Charley Madgin, 14th Tim Mcelligott

Team result: 1st. 17 finished

U15 Boys - 7th Harry Legg

Team result: 8th. 31 finished

U13 Boys - 11th Jack Ratcliffe, 12th Jack Middleton, 19th Harley Mckenzie, 33rd Harry Caso, 34th Kobi Birchmore

Team result: 3rd. 36 finished

U11 Boys - 14th Elias Saarup, 29th Toby Sapwell.

Team result: 9th. 74 finished

Senior Women - 2nd Dani Chattenton, 4th Emma Mears, 7th Alice Ritchie, 51st Jade White, 57th Lisa Yabsley

Team result: 3rd. 96 finished

U17/20 Women - 6th Holly Jamieson, 11th Gemma Milne, 12th Anna Kofed-Gregory, 14th Charlotte Cooke, 21st Jessica Nuttall

Team result: 2nd. 24 finished

U15 Girls - 10th Hannah Lord, 27th Talia Caso

Team result: 7th. 29 finished

U13 Girls - 4th Lily Mae Smith, 7th Daisy Yabsley, 14th Annabel Sanders, 15th Nikita Kay, 25th Ella Nash, 26th Jessica Kempton, 32nd Violet Scarborough

Team result: 2nd. 42 finished

U11 Girls - 5th Lily Ealing

Team result: 11th. 55 finished

Photos of the adult races can be found on http://www.oxonraces.com. All races are on Mark Easton photos - http://markeaston.zenfolio.com/f411847517 - and we hope to have some junior photos shortly as well.

These are fantastic results. Our next Chiltern League match will be on the 11th November at MK Teardrop Lakes, and we will need another good turnout to improve our lead and secure a move to Division 1 next year.  Thanks to athletes, parents, coaches and everyone who supported us yesterday. 

If you spot any mistakes in the results, please let us know.