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Mansfield XC Relays held on Saturday 3rd November 2018

  • Posted November 15, 2018

Mansfield XC Relays held on Saturday 3rd November 2018

The English Cross Country Association ran their relay races in Mansfield on Saturday 3rd November with the following results:

U15 Girls 

Total relay time was 23m 26s - 1st leg        Lily-Mae Smith    8:02

                                                      2nd leg        Nikki Kay      8:57

                                                      3rd Leg        Hannah Lord    8:24                                    79th place out of 93 complete teams

U17 Men

Mintu Sidhu was the only runner in this category and ran a loop in 9m 36s

Junior Men

Total relay time was 28m 37s - 1st leg        Marcus Lovell                10:15

                                                       2nd leg      Matthew Chronicle        9:29

                                                       3rd leg        Ben West                        8:52                    30th place out of 42 complete teams


Senior Women

With only two runners intros relay their times were as follows: 

Cecilie Andersen - 10:41

Hannah Plaschkes - 10:59

Senior Men

Total relay time was 1h 7m 35s - 1st leg         Kirk Smith                   16:06

                                                           2nd leg       George Wheeler        16:06

                                                           3rd leg         Charlie Wheeler        17:05

                                                           4th leg          Mick Greener            18:15                 41st place out of 154 complete teams