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National Cross Country Champs

  • Posted February 28, 2018

National Cross Country Champs

Junior Men

With three members of the team winning a silver medal at the cross country relays at Mansfield earlier in the year we knew we had a shot at a medal. All five of our team were out even though some of the boys had been focusing on indoors, they all stepped up and won MKDP's first National title, with George out sprinting the 4th AFD runner on the finish line to give us the win. 

Individual Results

Alex Gruen = 14th / Alfie Yabsley = 22nd / Charlie Wheeler = 26th / George Wheeler = 44th / Conrad Webber = 97th

Team Results

1st - MK Distance Project = 106

2nd - Aldershot F&D = 108

3rd - City of York = 134

Senior Women

Individual Results

Hannah Plaschkes = 124th / Helene Greenwood = 195th