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New PBs for Charlie and George Wheeler

  • Posted August 23, 2020

New PBs for Charlie and George Wheeler

Congratulations to Charlie Wheeler on his two fantastic races at the weekend: he achieved PBs at Stretford in the BMC 1500 metres (3:49.47) and at Dortmund’s Puma Jump ‘n’ Run meeting in the 5k (14:21.48).

George Wheeler also had a fab 5k at Dortmund: 14:30.55, which is also a PB.

George held the previous MKDP 5k club record (14.42),but Charlie’s performance at Dortmund is a new club record.

Charlie said: 'The 1500 meant the most to me: I soloed a 9-second PB and ran quicker than I had expected, 25 months since my last track race.'

A huge 'well done' to Charlie and George.